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USB Key Drive

USB Key Drive South Africa- A great promotional item that is sure to come in handy on a daily basis, the awesome Key USB is a wonderfully engraved, key shaped USB that fits perfectly on your key ring.  Available in a range of sizes, although 4GB is standard, this is a great USB item that clients are sure to use on a daily basis. Perfect for first time car or house owners, this can even be a special, personalised gift.

3 Reasons why this is a great promotional item

  1. 4GB size- larger can be ordered
  2. Stylish laser engraving
  3. Cost-effective gifting item

A great way to give out a useful USB item, this compact USB is great to have around the office or close at hand for storing all your digital copies of work. A brilliant giveaway item, these can also be preloaded with information making them perfect for handing out to prospective clients or customers. A great way to connect with those around your brand, this is a useful and functional promotional gift.

Don’t miss out on this awesome USB Key Drive, e-mail info@brandinnovation.co.za now to order yours.

Memory Stick Suppliers

Memory Stick Suppliers South Africa- We at Brand Innovation are premium suppliers of memory sticks in South Africa. A brilliant corporate gift idea that is useful and functional on a daily basis, a branded USB flash drive is a modern technology gift that is both cost-effective and entirely useful- whether at the office or in school.

Our popular USB options:

A brilliant USB flash drive option, a firm favourite in 2015, the awesome Key USB is a clever marketing tool that gives you a unique marketing point. A great item to have engraved with branding, this is ideal for car companies or even real estate, a brilliant marketing tool to give to first time buyers to ensure they remember your service.


  • Range of memory capacities (4GB standard size)
  • Fits onto keyring with the rest of your keys
  • Includes plastic presentation case

Available in the standard 4GB size, but available in bigger sizes on request, this awesome little flash drive fits right on your key ring, allowing you to keep it close for any time of need.

A stylish little flash drive that can come in handy almost anywhere you go, this makes personal data storage a breeze. Whether copying files at work, or just finishing a project at home, this gives you the power to keep your data safe, while still achieving maximum brand exposure through a clever marketing tool.

For the amazing Key USB, or to order another item from out range, e-mail info@brandinnovation.co.za now.

What makes a USB an Innovative Marketing Product

What makes a USB an Innovative Marketing Product South Africa- When deciding on a creative or innovative marketing product, it can be a tricky task to find an item that shows off your brand while still offering a meaningful, functional branded gift. The best item for an innovative and thoughtful corporate gift is sure to be a good-looking USB option. With a vast range to choose from, coming in all shapes and sizes, a branded USB flash drive is a clever marketing product that can be used day after day.

A clever item for new beginnings, the funky Keyes Memory Stick is a modern flash drive in the shape of a key. Perfect for a first time car or house owner, and a brilliant custom gift to be engraved, this is an item that is sure to be  a hit. A clever way to market a brand to the masses in a useful and functional way, a key USB makes for a handy corporate item that can be used every day of the week.

A brilliant USB flash drive option, the USB Credit Card Flash Drive is a sleek and sexy credit card sized USB that fits perfectly into your wallet. A brilliant way to keep important documents close at hand, a credit card USB allows for a well-branded item with full colour prints on both sides. A unique item that is sure to grab attention, this makes for a wonderfully useful staff gift, and even a great giveaway item during events. Due to the versatile printing allowance, this can also be used for a modern business card, allowing you to put all your information as well as a digital portfolio on one simple device.


  • Memory Capacity: Available in various sizes, most popular is 4GB
  • Size 88mm x 52mm
  • Includes leatherette pouch
  • FULL Colour print on both side

Another USB gifting item, one that is perfect for a unique, creative gift for staff or clients, the Custom USB Flash Drive is an awesome item that can be made into any shape or size you can think of. An innovative marketing product to say the least, these awesome silicone USBs can be made to look like your logo or even your product, giving you a custom gift that clients and staff will love to use and show off. A brilliant way to marketing your brand and your product offering, this is the perfect item for a fresh and funky approach to corporate gifting and marketing.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Available in 2D or 3D model
  • Can be made into any shape you require
  • Available in various chip sizes: 2GB-32GB

To order you awesome branded USBs now, e-mail info@brandinnovation.co.za today.

USB key



Laser pointer and torch USB

The USB: key to the future


The USB Key is something unique from the endless selection of gifts and tokens to choose from. A statement in itself, the USB Key is a functional and fun memory stick that fits on your key holder, mingling with your car keys on a daily basis. It allows for quick and easy access to information and means you will never be caught unaware whether at the office or home.

A unique option for corporate gifting, a USB key like this can be customised and engraved to give it a special look and feel depending on a brand’s needs. Perfect for events and tradeshows, this allows a company to give out information as well as promotional gifts that stakeholders are sure to use on a daily basis, thus a daily reminder of a brand that has given them something of use.

An ideal gift for anyone starting a new leg in life, these keys can symbolise anything from buying a new house to signing for a new car, even as a birthday gift to symbolise “the key to adulthood”, this is a gift that can suit the need and serve its purpose.

At promotional events and trade show, something like this can be used as a promotional element to give out brochures and information about a brand or company, or can be used to illustrate products, new releases or even gimmick style games and activities to spread awareness about the brand or product.

A product with a use on a day to day basis, these are wonderful for at the office, around the house or even for the kids at school, now you can use and store your data easily. With the key design you will never again lose your flash drive or take the chance of missing a meeting while looking for lost items, on your car keys you will always know where it is, giving you the peace of mind one often loses when carrying tiny devices.

A great gift both as a promotional element and personally, the USB Key is a worthwhile gift done right.

Flash Drive Key

Flash drive key – A fun and unique marketing tool that can be used as promotional merchandise or corporate gifts.

  • The Key USB drives are available in various sizes from 1 to 16 gigabytes.
  • They are packaged in a translucent case for presentation and safekeeping.
  • They are super thin and can be stored almost anywhere.
  • They can be engraved with your brand logo, name, slogan or message.

To order yours now, please email us at Brand Innovation and let our friendly staff assist you with your promo item and corporate gifting needs.

Branding of the Flash Drive Key:

  • Brand Innovation recommends the engraving of this USB key.
  • The finished engraving has a white colour.
  • It gives the Key USB a sleek and modern look.
  • Imagine how great a personalised flash drive key would look?

Flash Drive Key

Storage and Size:

  • The USB Key drive comes in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.
  • The most popular memory sizes for orders we get are the 4 and 8GB.
  • These sizes in memory are big enough to store important information, files and photos.
  • The physical size of the Key memory stick is as the name suggests, the size of a key!
  • It small and functional and can be stored on your key-ring and other places.

Flash Drive Key

Key USB drives are used frequently.

They are used in offices and in public.

Sometimes they also change hands and are used by other people than the owner.

This is a cool way to get your brand exposed AND to give a gift that is practical and will be appreciated.

Don’t miss out and order yours NOW! Also be sure to check out other Brand Innovation USBs we have to offer.