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Key USB South Africa


A key USB is a key shaped USB flash drive. A creative adaptation of the original memory sticks. Brand Innovation is a USB supplier in South Africa.

What is a USB?

USB’s can be described as portable storage devices which fit into a computer, laptop and tablet. A flash drive can be branded and used as a corporate gift or promotional item as part of your marketing campaign. These fun key USB’s are available in different capacities, the most popular being the 4 GB and 8 GB. A memory stick can be used as a storage device for music, pictures, movies and documents. It’s a great end of the year gift that will be used over and over again.

A Great end of year corporate gift

A Great end of year corporate gift

Whats in the keydata gift set?

  • 8 GB chrome key USB
  • Pen- with large volume refill with 2300 metres of black German ink
  • packaged in a black box

Looking for a cool end of year gift?

The Key data gift set is one of our newest gift sets available. This is the perfect end of year gift to give to clients and employees. It includes a pen and key shaped 8GB  memory stick. By giving someone this gift set you can be sure that they will appreciate it and use both items continuously. You can never have too many pens or USB’s. Both items can be branded and customized according to your specifications. See more at


The pen and Key USB are available in different colours. You can choose to have matching coloured pen and flash drive or have two different colours. This gift set has two branding options. The key shaped memory stick can be branded on both sides and the pen can be branded with your company name or logo on the barrel.

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We supply, brand and deliver your gift sets directly to your door, anywhere in South Africa!

Key USB Stick, South Africa

Key USB Stick South Africa

The key USB stick is supplied in South Africa by Brand Innovation. This fun promotional item is a lightweight key shaped flash drive.

The USB stick is both useful and functional as it can be attached to any set of keys and used as a key ring.


The card USB comes in a variety of sizes. The most popular being the 4 Gig and 8 Gig memory sticks.

These USB’s can be branded and customized according to your specifications.


Take your Key USB wherever you go!

Metal USB

The key USB flash stick can be engraved with your company name or logo. The engraving will appear in white on the metal surface.

This is  a fun promotional tool, loved by all those who receive it. At Brand Innovation we supply, brand and deliver your key shaped USB anywhere in South Africa, directly to your door!

What does a Key symbolize?

The custom USB can be used as promotional item or corporate gift in different industries. Below is a list of some of the industries with a meaning of how they would make use of this great memory stick.

  • 21st/graduation- the key to your future
  • Car company- the power to your new car
  • Estate Agency- the key to your new house
  • Security company- a key to safety
  • Banking- the key to your financial well being
  • Students-the key to success
  • Cellular Service provider- the key to connectivity

Why a use a custom USB?

A custom USB stick is a wonderful way to brand your company and differentiate yourself form your competitors.

It is lightweight and fits easily onto your bunch of keys so it wont get lost easily.

The key USB is popular amongst employees of all ages as you can never have enough flash drives.

How do I order?

The key USB can be ordered, branded and delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa.

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