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Key USB – Conference Gift Ideas

The key USB flash drive is a great conference gift idea. This unique shaped memory stick is supplied in South Africa by Brand Innovation.

What Is A key USB?

A key USB is a flash drive in the shape of a key. This metal memory  stick can be attached to your set of keys so you can take it with you wherever you go. No more losing your flash drive. Flash drives are loved by people of all ages. The are compatible with tablets, laptops and PC’s. USB’s have become essential storage devices for students and professionals. You can never have too many. The key-shaped flash drive is available in various capacities, the most popular being the 4GB and 8GB.

What can you store on a flash drive?

  • presentations
  • important documents
  • music
  • videos
  • photos


We offer two types of branding, pad printing and engraving. Both types have a white finish. These creative USB’s look best with engraving as a pad print fades over time. Distribute this cool gift at a conference and gain more visibility for your business.  Every time the flash drive is being used your brand is displayed.

USB’s as a Marketing Tool

USB’s are known to be a successful marketing tool. When you give someone  a branded USB flash drive, your company details will be seen every time the USB is being used. Promotional products are an effective way to increase brand recognition and visibility for your business. What’s not to love? This multifunctional device is both a keyring and storage device. A cool gift to be given out at a conference.

How to order

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We deliver your custom flash drives door to door in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Stock is limited so order yours NOW!