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The USB: key to the future


The USB Key is something unique from the endless selection of gifts and tokens to choose from. A statement in itself, the USB Key is a functional and fun memory stick that fits on your key holder, mingling with your car keys on a daily basis. It allows for quick and easy access to information and means you will never be caught unaware whether at the office or home.

A unique option for corporate gifting, a USB key like this can be customised and engraved to give it a special look and feel depending on a brand’s needs. Perfect for events and tradeshows, this allows a company to give out information as well as promotional gifts that stakeholders are sure to use on a daily basis, thus a daily reminder of a brand that has given them something of use.

An ideal gift for anyone starting a new leg in life, these keys can symbolise anything from buying a new house to signing for a new car, even as a birthday gift to symbolise “the key to adulthood”, this is a gift that can suit the need and serve its purpose.

At promotional events and trade show, something like this can be used as a promotional element to give out brochures and information about a brand or company, or can be used to illustrate products, new releases or even gimmick style games and activities to spread awareness about the brand or product.

A product with a use on a day to day basis, these are wonderful for at the office, around the house or even for the kids at school, now you can use and store your data easily. With the key design you will never again lose your flash drive or take the chance of missing a meeting while looking for lost items, on your car keys you will always know where it is, giving you the peace of mind one often loses when carrying tiny devices.

A great gift both as a promotional element and personally, the USB Key is a worthwhile gift done right.