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Key Memory Stick

Branded Key USB

The branded key USB memory sticks are a handy and useful promotional gift or item that can have massive impact on the image of a brand. A tool with an everyday use in the modern world of overflowing technology, a USB is needed in almost every facet of modern life. From projects in school and university to transferring important files at work, no matter what the storage need, a USB in a much needed companion.

Key Shaped Memory Stick


Perfect for the motor vehicle industry, these key shaped USB flash drives are available in a range of sizes. With your iconic logo engraved on the face, this is perfect for new clients or promotional giveaways giving them a key to the future or a key to the needed data. A significant symbol in a range of areas, a key can be a celebration or a reward, a way to transfer data with ease.

An ideal item for new car owners in particular, a USB like this can be given with the set of keys, not only showing a thoughtful and considerate attitude from the brand but also gives the client something to use on a day to day basis, making their lives just a little easier.

A slim looking, stylish addition to the modern mans key ring, the handy key memory stick is a unique and exciting promotional opportunity that conveys service excellence and convenience to the clients and customers.

A brilliant way to market your brand, these awesome key memory sticks give you a present that can be used day in and day out, allowing your brand to be the one that helps clients with all their data transfer needs. Nothing is better than a well thought out corporate gift that all recipients can use. A functional and stylish gift solution, the key USB is an ideal branding and promotional tool.

Get your Key USB throughout South Africa now- your solution to intelligent corporate gifting.