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Key USBs for trade shows

Key USBs for trade shows are an awesome and interactive way to socialize at trade show events.


Trade shows are not only awesome for viewing and showing off the latest products in your industry, but also for networking and getting your brand out there.

Why not bring something fresh and exciting to give away at the event?

 Key Shaped Memory Stick

A key USB is an awesome giveaway to hand out while you are on the go at a trade show.  Instead of handing out a business card, you could give everyone you meet a key USB with your company logo on it!

Its fresh, exciting, and memorable too.

An interactive way to mingle with people is to tell them you have an awesome keying for them to add to there keys!It’s interactive, and a fun way to share your brand with people in your industry.

In a competitive industry its important to stand out and make peoples interaction with you and your company memorable.First impressions count!  People will remember you for bring something fresh and new to the table.

Out with the old and in with the new!

 Why get your brand engraved on a Key USB?

  1. Make a great first impression
  2. Stand out from the crowd
  3. Bring a fresh and new giveaway into your networking group

For all of the latest and greatest key USB’s we have done for our clients, check out Brand Innovations website.

Key Shaped Memory Stick

Key Shaped Memory Stick – If you are looking for a unique corporate gift that will stand out and dazzle your clients, the key usb is a great option. This is a usb memory stick shaped like a key and it is perfect for targeted advertising campaigns.

Because this usb memory stick is shaped like it is a great marketing gift for companies in related industries such as motor and car companies, real estate and construction companies.

Key Shaped Memory Stick

These industries can use this as a gift to give to clients with their purchase! Imagine buying a brand new car and receiving a cool USB key along with your car keys. That would definitely leave a lasting impression and you are going to forget the company who gave it to you in a hurry.

The same could work for real estate agents. A house or property is the biggest purchase you can make and receiving a beautifully engraved key usb as a thank you gift will certainly be appreciates.

For other industries where the key isn’t a directly related item, these drives can take on a different meaning.

Marketing Ideas for a Key Shaped Memory Stick

A key is often symbolic for new beginnings. Your can use these keys in a campaign focused on new beginnings;

  • “The key to new beginnings”
  • “The key to success”
  • “Unlocking your future”

It is also often a sign of security and protection; a key to lock away your belongings, to log a gate, etc. In this way the key can be used for companies who offer services related to security or safeguarding of either people, goods or information. “Keep your information locked away”

You can be creative when using your key shaped flash drives as promotional gifts.

We brand these USB drives with en engraving of your company logo and details. We can also upload data onto the drives for even more marketing opportunities.

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