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What is a Key USB?

The Key USB flash drive is supplied in South Africa by Brand Innovation. This promotional item is a key shaped USB flash drive which can also be used as a keyring. The key USB is fun adaptation of the original USB.

This creative adaptation is great for using as a corporate gift or promotional item.

engraved usb flash drive blackberry logo

The Key USB is a creative corporate gift idea or used as a promotional item.


The memory stick is ideal for branding as the metal casing provides the perfect surface area for engraving. This is a great way to differentiate your business for from your competitors and ensures that your name will be seen repeatedly.

Branding can be described as the combination of a company name, logo, slogan or symbol which defines a particular business. Branding is used as a marketing tool to differentiate each company from the next. Branding is an important aspect of a marketing as it enables consumers to easily identify the product or brand they are looking for.

What is engraving?

Engraving refers to the technique used to make a print indentation on a hard surface. With the metal card USB the engraving will appear in white on a the metal surface. The metal key USB can be  engraved on either side.

These Key USB’s make fantastic corporate gifts that clients and staff will certainly enjoy. We brand these memory sticks with an engraving. A branded USB is a great way to market your company. You can even distribute these flash drives with pre-uploaded content like a presentation of your company or a new product or service.

Where to order

The key USB can be ordered, branded and delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa.

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Key Flash Drive Supplier South Africa

Key Flash Drives are a favourite promotional item amongst Brand Innovation clients.

They are smaller than normal flash disks and thinner too. But don’t let that fool you.

These key USB drives pack the same technological power as any other, but what is even cooler is that they have lots of remarkable advantages over other memory sticks.

From the recipient’s perspective, the Key USB differs from the standard flash drive in the way we carry them.

  • Most people store important or personal info on their USBs, but then, sometimes leave it laying somewhere or forgotten in a computer.
  • A Key Flash Drive though, can be hung on a key ring, especially a car key-ring to insure that the USB is always carried around with you.
  • You seldom lose your car keys, don’t you? Far less than your USB.
  • This is one of the main reasons that the Key USB is so cool and sought after.
  • It’s invaluable.

key flash drive

From the marketing point of view, using a promo USB can be quite beneficial.

The Key Flash Drive makes a lot of sense and here is why:

  • Flash Disks are practical and useful.
  • The Key USB is a promotional item that works.
  • It is used frequently.
  • BRANDING – The Key USB can be branded by means of engraving the metal. These keys engrave in an understated and beautiful white colour. Making it look super modern and unique. This is an amazing way to promote your brand, logo or services.

key flash drive


If you are not yet convinced that the Key USB is ideal for your marketing needs, our Key Flash Drive are available in various sizes ranging from 1GB to 16GB. Our most popular is generally the 4GB and 8GB. If you require a certain memory capacity please let us know.

These Key memory drives are presented in a clear plastic case. This saves any marketing director and their team the task of packaging, because it is all ready for gifting or distribution.

To order your customised Key Flash Drive now, please contact and speak to our staff about your choices. We would love to help you with your promo items and corporate gifts. We also provide a wide variety of other memory sticks that might interest you. Just click the following link to see what we offer at Brand Innovation.

Branded USB Flash Drives

A flash drive with your logo makes a great corporate gift. We supply and brand the awesome key USB drive.

This is a metal flash drive that looks great with an engraving. The keys engrave in a uniquely beautiful white colour.